Write Modular Javascript

Posted in JavaScript, on 9/1/2016

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Yes, I'm not sure about you, but I feel building javascript or writing good one take a lots of effort. Hofefully, this article would help to get know and build better javascript in modular fashion, first need a plan...

The plan

  1. Write simple Javascript functions and split into multiple files
  2. Build this simple Js in Module pattern, plus with Unit Test
  3. Build this simple Js with AMD, RequireJs, plus with Unit Test
  4. Build this simple Js with Angular2, plus with Unit Test
  5. Build this simple Js with React.js, plus with Unit Test
  6. Build this simple Js with VUE.js, plus with Unit Test
  7. Build this simple Js with Rivet.js, plus with Unit Test
  8. Now, thinking create a little complex version

List of Reference Sites


List of relative technology keyword

  1. AMD
  2. RequireJs
  3. CommonJS
  4. ES Harmony
  5. IIFE
  6. UMD